We Have More Than 35 Years of Experience 

State Professional Services, Inc. Driver Intervention Program was founded in 1995 to assist all who have been arrested for an OVI, Reckless Operation, or Physical Control offense in the state of Ohio and are now ordered to complete a 72 hour Driver Intervention Program be it a municipal, mayor or attorney referral. The most outstanding feature of our company is that we are a family run business who are highly sensitive to the issues of family, financial duress and facing the challenges of being arrested and the impact it may have in one's family and those loved. Each person is treated as an individual with the respect and dignity from the time you call on the phone to completion of your intervention weekend.

Between our director and staff, we have been dedicated for over 35 years in the treatment and care of those suffering from addiction. Here at SPS, we share a love for people and have an open mind for those struggeling with alcohol or drug related problems. Intervention is the first step in reducing the on-set of these problems. We teach a zero policy approach for behind the wheel. We educate and offer many other options individuals can utilize if they will be choosing to drink and socialize.

We look forward to providing you an educational and life-changing experience.