State Professional Services, Inc., is a 72-hour residential program certified by the State of Ohio. Our program is here for your benefit as a choice or alternative to incarceration following the arrest of operating your motor vehicle after drinking or drug use. Our full objective is to provide a continuous intervention for a period of 72-hours mandated by the legal system in lieu of jail time.
As a business we have dedicated ourselves in the field of intervention, performing the services of INTAKE, SCREENING, EDUCATIONAL CLASSES, GROUP THERAPY, THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN OVI PLAN and full DOCUMENTATION to the Court of Arrest, State of Ohio and all Private Attorneys.

In addition to the 72-hour stay, we also provide the option to purchase a REMEDIAL DRIVING COURSE which can assist you in obtaining a two point credit or prepare you if you have received 12 points or more on your existing driver's license.This course is only offered for those participating in the 72-hour driver intervention program


"I learned so much about myself, my choices with alcohol, my future, and the law."  

Marcus T.


“Because of my busy schedule I was only able to register for my weekend class through text messaging. The staff made this process to register fast, easy and convenient." 

Melissa R.

"Registration to the program went quick and smooth. I was able to register right online and they were able to get me into the following weekend"

Dave J.


“SPS offered so much insight and was so valuable to me on an educational and personal level. The staff went above and beyond, very professional”

Jack S.


"Everyone is so nice and understanding. I never felt judged for my mistakes."

Chris M.

To educate each individual of the seriousness of using alcohol/drugs and operating a motor vehicle to include the BAC, prevention planning, laws regarding the OVI, suspensions, license reinstatement and above all the effects that alcohol and drugs have on the human body and brain.


  • 8-Hour alcohol and drug awareness program
  • Substance Abuse Assessment

If you are in need of these additional services please call or text the office at 216.287.5844

“I was expecting a more rigid course. The interactive design of the course really helped get the material across. I learned a lot more than I thought I would”

Elizabeth S.